Shipping Container Homes In The Big Island Hawaii

Shipping container homes are being used more often here in Hawaii and all around the world.  To help recycle wasted steel or serve as a living quarters.  Shipping containers are made to handle a thousand mile journey over the rough pacific ocean and they make the perfect office, home or storage solution in Hawaii.  With a active volcano that has been erupting for around a 20 years it would make perfect sense to create a home that can be portable when necessary   The lava flows from Kilauea are usually slow moving often time giving the residents of the area a considerable amount of time to evacuate.  It would make sense making a home that can be easily transported.

With in the past couple month Honolulu Hawaii county had passed a law stating that shipping containers can be used for homes on agriculture lots.  Also in the big island county of Hilo it is legal to make a 600 sq ft building that is un-permitted allowing for such structures to be used.  These containers can give many uses.  Storing of building materials in rural areas where building materials at construction sites are often stolen at night.  They can also serve as a temporary home while you are building your real home.  The containers can also be used as office space.

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